Spicy Curry Duck

Roasted Duck in sweet and spicy curry served with steamed jasmine rice.

Massamun Curry

Coconut milk with potato, carrot, and peanut.

All of our menu items are available as vegan options. Our vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes can be customized to suit your taste.

Spicy Noodles

Stir fried fresh rice noodle with chili, basil, red & green bell pepper, garlic, and egg.

This is very popular Thai dish. Spicy is your choice levels 1-10 to fit on your meal.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Rice paper stuffed with tofu, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, mint, and vermicelli
noodle served with a special house sauce.

Enjoy them for one or two to share.

Spicy Fried Rice

Chili, basil, red&green bell pepper, onion,   garlic, and egg served with cucumber and tomato.

Spicy Calamari Salad

Tender and tasty blanched squid boldly flavored with lime juice, chili, onion, lemon grass, cilantro and fresh mint.

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